Why Do We Need Work-Life Balance?

Why Do We Need Work-Life Balance?

We all work for a variety of reasons but most of us can not live life without the financial security that working brings to us. 

We need to work in order to earn money to provide for not just life’s basic necessities but also an expectation of the type of lifestyle we expect to live. However while we spend our days rising and setting to meet this goal, we all too often turn around d to realize that life’s precious moments are fleeting away ever faster.

Therefore, let’s consider the following thoughts for a moment. What do you work so hard for? What are your goals? What made work so hard to get to where you are in the first place? 

It can without warning become a life consuming cycle of working for the kind of money you need winning the prize if yet, more work.  Unfortunately,people all too often find themselves deep in this chase only to wake up one morning wondering if they truly know what that dream life really looks like. Does this sound familiar?


Finding the work-life balance you’re looking for is not that easy, therefore you will need to be honest with yourself when setting your goals.

By setting your goals, finding real ways to achieve them and being true to yourself in the process you have found your starting point.  It is at that very starting line you must ask yourself, ‘What’s the main objective I want to reach? Is it a new car? Is it a bigger house? Is it going on that exotic vacation?’

Almost certainly, you have something to in mind that you are working for, but you may have forgotten all about it while working for it. When you forget about your goals you will also likely soon lose the motivation to perform well at your job and in other areas of your life.

However, it goes beyond saying that you must also simultaneously remember to live your life by finding, creating and using the time needed to do what you enjoy.  Unwinding, relaxation and refreshing yourself in the process of goal achievement needs to be a part of plan. 

Remember the phrase, “All work and no play?” Well, this is a true statement.  People work in order to have the possibility to play how they want to. In other words, we work to earn the money we need in order to pursue the things we enjoy. 

The problem truly lies in that sometimes people forget about the part where they enjoy their lives. Therefore, if it’s not yet possible to have the new car you’re dreaming about or scheduling that dream vacation, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of your life. 

So, in the end, do your best to make some time for your personal life. Don’t make it all about work. You need this balance, even if life is not perfect at the moment. 

Finally, don’t forget to finalize and write out your goals and place them where they are visible. A good place for this, next to your phone or Alex in the morning when you wake up. This way, you won’t forget what you’re working for. 

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