The Positive Impact of Reaching Work-Life Balance

The Positive Impact of Reaching Work-Life Balance

The Positive Impact of Reaching Work-Life Balance

Have you experienced busy periods at work, when you didn’t have time for anything else and felt exhausted? No? Wow, good for you, stop reading. Yes? I am glad I am not alone. Such things happen to most of us, but once they’re over, you need to find a way to disconnect and “reboot”. However, this is only possible if you find the work-life or better yet the life-work balance. Whether we admit it or not, life is supposed to be easygoing and fun. We thrive to play, laugh, unwind, spend time with others and even act silly.  Otherwise, why work? We need to work to live not the other way around. Life is more fun when you disconnect and focus on living.

As I am writing this at my kitchen island working from home I realize I need to stop and restart when it is “working hours”.  I am reminded of this by my children saying “mom, I need attention”. Taking the time to be honest with yourself and listen to what you really need is one key to life/work balance.

Did you notice I left for several hours to help with homework and play the game Mouse Trap? In the long run, it didn’t matter if I finished this article in one sitting. In fact, it does not matter how motivated, creative and ambitious you are, what you need in life is to feel good.  There are various theories but in my opinion once your physical needs are met our emotional needs are next to having a happy and balanced life. Our body and mind will suffer from fatigue and reason without balance. You need to take a break and do something you enjoy to boost your energy.

Unanswered emails can wait, but your life won’t wait. Time will pass by and you will lose it forever. Your family will appreciate your time, attention, and presence more than the money you bring into the household.

You deserve to dedicate time for your personal life. Dine together with your family, enjoy time chatting during dinner instead of watching TV. Go for walks and play outside with the people you love. Enjoy weekend getaways to strengthen your bonds. You deserve to enjoy your life and you deserve some time off, for all the hard work.

I recently read an article in the “Times” that states gives a lot of good information about balance in life. They talked about a great tip for helping to plot out daily activities to help you conserve energy and create balance. It is called the “Life-Balance Matrix” each quadrant is dedicated to things that energize or deplete you. “Drudgery is the stuff that is most draining, “Tasks” to do list that is a bit more fun, “Rewarding Work” and “Fun and Purpose”. Each day I suggest doing a brain dump (write out each and everything you need to do) then use a tool like this to label each of your tasks like this to help prioritize daily activities. Focus on what you like to do and delegate other tasks. For example, I like having clean floors but I hate cleaning them, so I spend money a couple of times a month to have someone help me with this.

I have found even though I can do it all, I miss what is most fun when I do. Enjoy your life, your family and most importantly your time.

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