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Happy Monday Fitness Friends! When you think of February we all think of one day: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection. It is time we give a little love for self love. We love to celebrate this day and direct our affection...

Happy February! This month’s theme is love - specifically, how to love yourself first. So what does it mean to truly love yourself? Truly loving yourself means that you give yourself permission to work on yourself, for yourself. This includes allowing yourself to be imperfect because frankly, perfect just doesn’t exist. Even the people we deem to be perfect just aren’t. Everyone has their downfalls, and we’re all mean to ourselves sometimes. But why are we mean to ourselves? Could being nice to ourselves be egotistical? The answer is NO! It is okay to put yourself first sometimes. In fact, it's important to prioritize your needs. So, the next time you have an appointment with yourself? Don’t break it. You may feel selfish or guilty, but it is essential that you put yourself first sometimes, because that is a huge part of loving yourself.