Routine, Accountability, and Time Management

Routine, Accountability, and Time Management

Can you believe it’s already March?! This month’s overall theme revolves around
routine, accountability, and time management. Let’s begin with what these terms actually mean.
Routine is defined as a sequence of actions regularly followed. Accountability is responsibility.
Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively. So now that we
know how to define these terms, we can ask ourselves these questions:
How does having a routine help you achieve a goal?

Why is accountability so important? How does it help you achieve your goals?
How do you personally create a routine for yourself and hold yourself accountable?

There are so many variables that go into achieving your goals. But these terms and questions are
a great starting point because they are all connected. When you have a routine, the process
becomes a fixed part of your daily life. The things you do become second nature, which makes
achieving your goals that much easier.

In order to form a routine and stick with it, you need to hold yourself accountable for your
actions. You can set your alarm for 6:00AM every day, but when it comes down to starting your
morning, you’re the only one who has the power to get out of bed and start your routine. By
holding yourself responsible for your actions, you understand that the only way you can achieve
your goals is to keep yourself accountable when practicing your daily routine. And as I stated
before, that routine starts to become less of a tedious task the more you stick to it. Without
accountability, it will be nearly impossible to achieve your goals.

So, how can you personally create a routine for yourself and hold yourself accountable? Well,
it’s simple: stick to what you know you can do. Be realistic about your goals. You shouldn’t
dread carrying out your daily routine – you shouldn’t even have to think about it too much. Don’t
overload yourself with tasks that you can’t carry out 100% every time. And most importantly, be
mindful of your time.

Did you know that there are 168 hours in a week? How do you spend all of that time? Reflect
and make sure you’re using your time effectively and productively. That doesn’t mean fill in
every hour of every day! Giving yourself time to rest and relax is just as important as keeping a
routine and holding yourself accountable when working toward your goals. Just be mindful of
how you’re using your time. Are you providing yourself enough time to achieve your goals?

Something that you should also keep in mind is that falling out of your routine is inevitable.
Sometimes things in life just happen and get in the way of your goals. However, having a set
routine that is appropriate for your lifestyle can help you get back into your groove. The hardest

part is getting started, but once you do you’ll be on the fast track to achieving your goals! For
more information and assistance with keeping yourself accountable and achieving your goals,
contact us today!

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