Redirecting Internal Conversations About Age

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Redirecting Internal Conversations About Age

Do you have an internal dialogue? Many of us do. Some of us have the type of internal dialogue that doesn’t typically get in the way of our actions, outlooks, and goals. However, sometimes your internal dialogue can affect your overall being. Internal dialogue gives us the ability to reason and consider certain situations. Because of this, the internal dialogue can either help you or hurt you when it comes down to reaching your goals.

Here’s another question: Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I’m too old to do that?” Well, according to a Harvard study that’s your inner dialogue influencing your goals and outlook on life. The truth is, you aren’t too old to achieve your goals! And one of the challenges you’ll often face involves redirecting your internal dialogue to help you towards a better quality of life.

It is so important to check in with your internal dialogue frequently in order to keep your goals aligned. When you let it get away from you, you risk going down a negative mental path opposite of your goals. In the end, this will jeopardize your quality of life. And if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that a good quality of life is so important because our time on Earth isn’t guaranteed.

So how do we redirect internal conversations about age with ourselves? Well, it’s simple! The key to realigning your internal dialogue is to connect back to your why. Why did you make these goals in the first place?

Another important question to ask yourself is what you’ll lose by not achieving your goals. Is giving up on your vision worth losing the quality of life that comes with your goals? When you look back on your life do you want to remember everything you’ve attained by keeping to your goals, or everything you could’ve had but don’t because you’re “too old” to reach them?

Your age shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your goals. Age is only a number.  End of story. So after connecting back to your why, make a plan for yourself. Talk to your doctor, your personal trainer, or both, and use their expertise to construct a routine that works for you. Remember that your age doesn’t define you, and you shouldn’t let your internal dialogue influence your vision in a negative way. The best thing you can do for yourself is maintain a positive outlook on life and on your goals!

With that being said, if you need help, Fitness Coaching, LLC can help you. In times of uncertainty when everyone’s internal dialogue is challenging them in every aspect of life, we’ve switched things up so that we can keep on helping you towards your goals every step of the way. We now offer online personal training. Contact us today for more information on at home personal training and small group virtual classes today!

It’s important to remember that the only thing you have control over is yourself. You can do whatever you put your mind to, no matter what age you are. And we are ready and able to help you however we can!

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