Pregnancy Workouts: 6 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant

Pregnancy Workouts: 6 Reasons to Exercise While Pregnant

Are you worried about what all this eating for two is doing to your body? Have you ditched your old exercise routine because you’re worried it’s too aggressive for you now that you’re pregnant? As you see the numbers on the scale creep up every week and your energy levels start to lower, the last thing you may feel like doing when you’re pregnant is exercising. But it’s exactly what you should be doing. When done correctly, getting exercise while you’re pregnant is good for both you and your baby.

As an additional benefit, a healthy pregnant mom is more likely to have an easier time fitting in her jeans post baby!

6 Benefits of Performing Pregnancy Exercises

1. Exercise may reduce the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hypertensive disorders. One study evaluated moderate- and vigorous-intensity exercise during pregnancy. The study showed a link between any participation in exercise and decreased odds of gestational weight gain and gestational diabetes. More research indicates that a healthy pregnancy diet and activity greatly reduces “maternal blood glucose levels” and insulin during pregnancy, which can result in a reduction of fetal macrosomia and maternal weight gain. Though more studies need to be conducted, research shows that exercise can help reduce complications and risk associated with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and hypertensive disorders.

2. Exercise can greatly reduce the discomfort associated with pregnancy. (It’s also scientifically proven to boost happiness!) Whether active before pregnancy or not, exercise can really help reduce discomfort associated with appearance and general pregnancy-type feelings. Studies indicate that most women who were active prior to pregnancy continued to be active, but reduced their level of activity to some degree, while pregnant. Another analysis focusing on happiness and physical well-being found that women who were physically active during pregnancy found a greater sense of well-being and pleasure of life and continued this lifestyle after pregnancy

3. Exercise helps eliminate backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling.

Pregnancy Often causes backaches because of the change of the entra weight pulling you forward. Additionally, pregnancy often leads to bloating, constipation and swelling of the body. By Maintaining an exercise routine that is safe for pregnancy, you can keep your back strong, which may reduce pregnancy-associated back pain. Exercising with a good form also maintains a strong posture, something that can also alleviate back pain. Exercise even helps reduce constipation, bloating and swelling by reducing the buildup of excess gas. This helps the stool move through the body to keep you more regular.

4. Exercise may greatly increase your energy, improve your mood and improve sleep. Pregnancy is a well-known energy zapper. It makes sense — a beautiful human being is developing and that creates the need for some pretty big hormonal changes in the body, in particular, progesterone. All of this can be mentally draining, something that often leads to mood swings. The first and third trimesters are reportedly the toughest in terms of energy. The second trimester is usually a bit easier as the body and mind have had some time to adapt to the development that is occurring inside it and there is a lot of excitement. Keep in mind light exercise is recommended and being careful to listen to your body’s cues. If you are tired slowdown or rest.
To better manage these changes, exercise can provide much-needed energy as well as give you the benefit of a good night’s sleep. In fact, too much exercise lead to low energy levels. Check with your doctor as you go through the stages of pregnancy and adapt as needed.

5. Exercising while pregnant can improve labor. While exercising during pregnancy prevent excess weight gain, it also may help shorten your delivery time. Pregnant women who stay in shape through appropriate exercise are better able to cope with the stress that often accompanies labor. Fitness improves endurance, another factor that improves labor. Childbirth classes also help as they will explore options for breathing patterns and address Kegels, exercises that help strengthens the pelvic area.

6. Pregnancy exercises help you get back into shape faster. If you exercised during pregnancy, and continue after, there’s a good chance you’ll get back into shape faster after you have the baby. Just keep in mind that you should set realistic expectations to prevent disappointment and postpartum depression.
Reports show that women are less likely to continue exercise after childbirth, but this is a critical time to keep it going if it’s medically safe to do so. Women who regularly exercise during the breastfeeding stage tend to have improved fitness levels without affecting breast milk production or the development of the baby.

So can you do it? Yes, of course. But unlike a lot of celebrities that make it seem so simple and easy (don’t forget they have personal trainers, private chefs, assistants and so on), your body needs the right time to get there. One of the best things you can do is exercise before and during pregnancy, then continue a program after birth. You will be very busy with your newborn and exhaustion will play a tremendous role, especially with lack of sleep, but there are ways to plan a little time each day — just be sensible.

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