Give a Little Love for self love

Self Love

Give a Little Love for self love

Happy Monday Fitness Friends! When you think of February we all think of one day: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection. It is time we give a little love for self love. We love to celebrate this day and direct our affection towards our loved ones. But what if we gave love to someone who needs it? What if we gave a little self love to ourselves? As a result you may see major improvements not only in your relationships but in your health as well.

Foster a new relationship

Whenever anyone talks about fostering a new relationship, they often talk about the importance of understanding their partner and accepting them for who they are. How often can we say that we accept ourselves completely? We all have those voices in our head which tell us that we are not as good as someone. It says that we have gained too much weight or that we don’t look the way we should. As they said in the Huffington post Do Mirror Work “Look at yourself in the mirror. Stare deep into your eyes and say: I deeply love and accept you. Some part of you heals every time you look at your reflection in the mirror and affirm love! You realize that you also deserve love and acceptance. Do this daily.”

Me, me, me.

Self-love seems simple enough. Self-love or I love me. But we all know that it is not always that easy. It takes a lot of courage to take that first step and be able to accept ourselves. We have to realize that we all make mistakes and that we are all human. When we refuse to accept even all of the negative sides, we are denying ourselves. When you deny yourself, the one who hurts the most is you. You may feel emotional because of the need to constantly put up a mask of what is not real. However, the truth is if you do not put on your mask first you can not take care of others.

Be a recovering perfectionist.

For instance, in our society, there has always been an emphasis on being perfect. We are supposed to look a certain way and society has its standards. As a recovering perfectionist, firstly, learning to accept that we aren’t perfect is real. Then, Learning we can forgive ourselves is a great way to start a journey of self-love. Lastly, give yourself permission to work on yourself, to be imperfect. Perfect doesn’t exist. Even the people we deem to be perfect have their own head trash (negative self talk). We all have demons, angst, fear. It can be hard to combat those thoughts.  As a result it is through understanding this, that we take another step forward. Now you can GIVE A LITTLE LOVE FOR SELF LOVE.

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