FEELING AGELESS IS A CONSIDERATION FOR ANYONE, NOT JUST A CONCERN FOR ADULTS OVER A “CERTAIN” AGE. Key components of an ageless outlook include healthy mental, physical, and nutrition factors. When you have these in order you can confidently embrace your age.

In a recent discussion with Evey Schweig, a Holistic Health Coach, about feeling ageless we focused on the nutrition component.  Evey said  “We are aging every day, but we don’t have to feel it. We need to nurture ourselves from the inside as well with foods that help us age gracefully. We want to put foods in our bodies that help us age slowly and avoid those that age us quickly.” Food high in sugar, trans-fatty acids, and preservatives add a load to your body that causes inflammation and accelerates aging. 

Plant-based foods are beneficial to slow aging by giving us antioxidants.  You may have heard “eat the rainbow”.   Eat a variety of fruits and veggies in-season, when they are at their peak freshness, to get a higher level of the phytonutrients that are so beneficial to our cells.  Healthy fats in foods like cold-water fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds are great for brain health, strengthening bones, and reducing inflammation in the body.  However, getting back to natural foods that are minimally processed is key to success.  Evey suggests we eat more like our parents did by preparing more of our own foods rather than relying on packaged products.

Evey’s Top 10 list of foods to include in your diet:




Citrus fruit

Red grape

Spinach & Kale

Salmon, mackerel & sardines

Sweet potato



3 More ways to feeling ageless

1) Sleep more to feeling ageless

Feeling ageless should have a big focus on sleep. Sleep plays a big role in health and aging.  It’s not only a time to rest, but it is a time of repair and rebuilding of every cell in your body.  Your brain is building new pathways while you sleep to help you learn and remember.  Proper sleep can also help you avoid injuries by staying alert.  To help you get the best sleep possible, try to keep your bedtime consistent each night, limit your caffeine and alcohol intake, avoid eating a heavy meal close to bedtime, and try a relaxation technique before bedtime. To Learn more about sleep click here

2) Challenge Your Brain

Keeping your brain active is important to your overall health.  Crossword puzzles and Sudoku can be fun ways to challenge your mind.  Learning a new skill, playing a game of cards, and even driving a new route to the grocery store are also ways to keep your mind sharp. 

3) Connection

Recent research has shown that connections with friends and family is important to well-being and happiness, and that good friendships become increasingly important as we age.  So much so that friendship can have a direct impact on whether or not we become physically sick.  Valuable connections can also be found outside of direct family and friends, consider volunteer or work opportunities as well. Prevention is key. Therefore, the earlier you can begin doing good for your mind and body, the better your ability to stay young from the inside out!  As a result, when you feel good and you feel that you look good, that’s all that matters.

Watch the full episode of Fitness Knocking with Lois featuring Evey Schweig on my YouTube channel click here  Be Ageless – YouTube   (www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Xr0NCmOpU)

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