Easy Tips for Stair Workouts at Home

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Easy Tips for Stair Workouts at Home

To turn your home or apartment into a gym, plan a few quick stair workouts. Stair workouts at home can help you with cardio and strength fitness and can improve your balance. You can use any set of indoor or outdoor stairs for these at-home workout plans.  

Cardio stair climbing workout at home

A few great cardio workouts you can do on the stairs at home are a stair run, a walking lunge, or a sideways stair run. Start slowly at first, to make sure you maintain a proper balance and form. Form is more important than speed. Do a whole staircase slowly, and then do it again a little faster. You can do these stair climbs until you feel a lot of heat in your muscles.  

Strength stair workout

Stairs make great exercise equipment for strength training too. Try using them for:

  • Inclined pushups
  • Squat jumps
  • Climbing the stairs backward

Included pushups

To warm up, start with your feet on the floor and your hands on the stairs at about shoulder-level, in regular pushup form. Then try them backward, with your hands on the floor and your feet inclined on the stairs. Maintain proper pushup balance and form the whole time.

Squat jumps

Another stair workout you can do is squat jumps. To do squat jumps, start at the bottom of the staircase. Bend your knees and lower as in a regular squat. Then, jump to the first step and land in the squatting position. Add a little variation by putting your hands on the 4th or 5th step while you jump. The closer together your hands and feet are the more challenging this exercise will be.

Walking up the stairs backward

To improve balance and strength even more, try walking up the stairs backward on your feet and then try it seated. Maintain form and start slowly. Then, move your feet up one step at a time.

A fun twist to the stair workout routine can be to use outdoor stairs. While stairs inside can be fun, you can find stairs outside at an apartment building or park that can work just as well.

Changing directions on stairs changes the muscles that you’re working with, going up or down. Trying the stairs sideways can be good to do to use different muscle groups, but go slowly so you don’t injure yourself.

Take your time throughout the workout and pace yourself. Stairs can be tiring very quickly. Pay attention to your fatigue level.

And as with all types of workouts, pay attention to form. Your body is the most important factor in exercise, so it’s important not to overstrain it or cause an injury. Speed is less important than safety. Maintain an upright posture throughout. Stop if you feel dizzy, feel pain, or become out of breath.

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A fun stair step workout can be done almost anywhere. It can be done in between family activities if you have only a small amount of time.

Another way to add more fun and more opportunity to exercise during the holidays is: for every time you have to go up or down the stairs, do it again.

Do you want assistance on how to use the stairs for exercise? Contact us today!

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