Dynamic Warmup

Dynamic Warmup

What is a Dynamic Warmup and Why is it Important?

Do you warm up before each workout session? If you don’t, you definitely need to start!
Warming up before you exercise is essential in easing your muscles into vigorous exercise. This
helps prevent any injuries during your session. If you think doing a few stretches before you
work out will suffice, you should consider trying a dynamic warm-up instead.
What is a dynamic warmup?

Unlike a regular warm up that only involves a partial range of motion, a dynamic warm
up involves movements that encourage a full range of motion in your joints and muscles.
Dynamic warm ups are designed to prepare your body for the demands of your fitness session.
While this can be applied to your regular daily workout at the gym, dynamic warm-ups are
especially helpful for those who train for sports and competitions.

Why is a dynamic warmup important?

Priming your muscles with a dynamic warm up that encourages a full range of motion
will help to optimally prepare your muscles for vigorous movements. A dynamic warm-up also
helps to prevent injuries while exercising because you are performing similar movements to
those included in your workout at a lower level. Not only do dynamic warm-ups help prime your
body for your actual workout, but they also influence a positive and focused mental state
necessary for a successful workout session.

For more information on different types of dynamic warm-ups, check out our post 5 Tips
for a Dynamic Warm-up Exercise Before a Workout.

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