do you think healthy eating is complicated? Start small

choosing between healthy and unhealthy

do you think healthy eating is complicated? Start small

Nutrition is a broad topic that can easily become overwhelming with all the information available. Have you looked up “nutrition” or “healthy eating” on the internet? Maybe that’s how you found this blog. Your head might be spinning from reading through the search results. Do you think healthy eating is complicated? For big results start small. And rest assured I’m here to help you simplify things.

Nutrition cannot be overlooked as part of your healthy lifestyle.

You can work out all you want to, but if you have poor nutrition, you will not reach your health goals.

What do I mean when I say nutrition? It’s that old saying “you are what you eat”.

Nutrition is the scientific term for the body using food to sustain life, health, growth and produce energy. Basically, the more good stuff you put in your body, the better results in your health.  Proper nutrition is different for everyone.  It’s a good idea to speak with your doctor, a nutritionist or both to fine-tune what is best for your individual health.

First, let’s take a step back and recognize your WIN.  You want to lead a healthy lifestyle and you have decided to take the steps necessary with your nutrition to get you there.

Second, know that you’re not alone!  You may feel like everyone else knows what to do, but I hear this all the time from clients “I know I should be eating better, but I just don’t know where to start.”

Do you think healthy eating is complicated? Start small. These examples will get you started on your journey to simplify and think long-term when it comes to your nutrition.

Reach your health goals with simple changes.

Change can be hard. Making a ton of changes to your nutrition all at once can backfire.

Making just one adjustment can have a big impact and begin the momentum for more healthy changes to come. Consider an easy change to begin. Can you reduce or eliminate the sugar or creamer you use in your coffee?  This one shift alone won’t change your health, but it probably won’t feel too difficult and may even save you 1 pound a month!  Not a coffee drinker?  How about a smart change to your salad dressing?  If you normally use 2 TBS of bottled salad dressing, try this instead- mix 1 TBS of your dressing with 1 TBS of apple cider vinegar to save some fat and calories.  

Still think nutrition is complicated? Big results start small. What is another small change you can implement in your life?

Avoid chemicals, eat real foods.

Take the time to look at the ingredients list on packaged foods. If you don’t recognize the words listed in the ingredient list, chances are that your body won’t either- and won’t know how to properly process it.  Unrecognizable ingredients aren’t beneficial to your nutrition.  Again, start with a small change.  You don’t have to ditch all the packaged foods in your house and start from scratch (unless you want to, then go for it).  Start reading labels and commit to swap even 1 packaged food you regularly buy with another choice that has more natural ingredients.  Once you get the hang of it, making better choices can be surprisingly easy.

Healthy eating with portion control.

Did you ever hear the saying “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”?  It has been used to tease people about taking more food than they can really eat.  This directly relates to portion size.  Getting your portions under control boosts your nutrition by helping you eat the right amounts of the right foods. When you fill up on food that is less nutritious, there isn’t much room left for the higher-nutrition foods.  Consider the “plate guide” when serving yourself- fill ½ of your plate with vegetables first, ¼ of your plate is for protein, and ¼ is for starch.   

It’s a journey, not a destination.

Do you still think healthy eating is complicated? Think about your nutrition long-term. Every day will probably not be perfect. Some days you might eat more than you should, some days you might not get in all the recommended vegetables, you might indulge in treats, other days you will check all the boxes and be on-point. Consider the balance over an entire week rather than an individual day. With small adjustments here and there, you will be making more good choices than not-so-good ones over the long term.

There are many occasions to celebrate in the summer months, which can often derail our nutrition goals.  I share more tips in this blog that you can apply to summer vacations and BBQs.  

Registered Dietician Morgan Siniawa aims to honor your health in nourishing ways.  She talks with me about intuitive eating in this video.  If you have tried a Dietician or Nutritionist and still are not reaching your goals reach out to me for a 15 minute discovery call we can chat and see if I have an idea or two to help you reach your goals! Click here to schedule it.

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