Accountability Challenge

Accountability Challenge

Thinking about achieving your goals is easy. However, you will never achieve them
unless you hold yourself accountable for your actions. This is the hard part. Sometimes life gets
in the way of achieving your goals, or you don’t know what steps you need to take in order to
achieve them. Other times, you just don’t have the motivation to get up and do what you need to
do in order to move one step closer to your accomplishments.
So how do you achieve your goals if holding yourself accountable is a challenge? What
can you do to make the process easier for yourself? That’s where I come in! Here are three quick
tips I use to help keep myself accountable when achieving my goals:

1. Write it down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if it’s not in your calendar
it doesn’t exist. Whether you use your phone, a planner, a sticky note, or anything
else, write it down. Make it exist. If you don’t carry out the task, you understand
that you are not prioritizing your goals and will strive to do better next time.
2. Be honest with yourself (and others). What can you do? What can’t you do? Be
realistic about your goals. Write them down, too! It’ll help put them into
perspective. Share your goals with your friends and family. Ask them to help you
stay accountable by checking in with you every few days to see how you’re
doing. But don’t lean on them – be sure to check in with yourself as well.
3. Find a way to reward yourself (that’s not with food!) and keep yourself
accountable if you fall short. Rewarding yourself with food can be a slippery
slope, so try to find something else to reward yourself with when you reach your
milestones. For example, every time one of my clients loses twenty pounds, she
rewards herself with a new tattoo. Another one of my clients puts eight dollars
away every time she buys a pack of cigarettes. After a while, it gets tiresome
shelling out double the money for a vice, so it deters her from buying them as

So now that I’ve shared my tips for keeping myself accountable, it’s time for you to take
them and put them into action for yourself! How are you going to do this, you ask? The answer is
simple: by participating in the Accountability Challenge.

This month, I challenge you to share your goals on social media and regularly update
your progress. This will help you stay accountable for your actions. You don’t want to look bad
in front of all of your friends, right? Of course not! By keeping track of your progress in such a
public space, you’re more likely to work harder to achieve your goals and share your success
with your friends. For more guidance and assistance with holding yourself accountable, contact
us today!

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