5 Tips to Stay Safe Exercising During the Holidays

5 Tips to Stay Safe Exercising During the Holidays

I know what you’re thinking – “Exercising can be dangerous?” It seems so silly when you’ve got a routine going. It starts to feel like second nature after a while. However, even the smartest, most experienced fitness expert is susceptible to danger when exercising. That’s why it’s so important to take preventative care while you’re working out so you don’t have to worry about taking care of an injury after the fact. Here are 5 tips to stay safe when exercising:

1. Start Off Slow. This safety tip benefits everyone, however it is particularly important for newbies! Throwing your body into a workout can cause damage to your joints and muscles because they’re not used to the intensity. Be sure to give yourself enough time to properly warm up and cool down before and after every session so that your body is eased in and out of the workout. This leads us to exercise safety tip number two:

2. Pace Yourself. Take extra care to listen to your body and be mindful of your intensity levels. If you feel as if the workout is too much, let up a bit or stop altogether. And don’t be afraid to take a moment to hydrate! Results take time to achieve, and it’s better to take the time to safely achieve them.

3. Know What You’re Doing and Stay Focused. This might seem simple, but let’s break this down a bit.
a. Know What You’re Doing. What I mean by this is to be knowledgeable about your workout and the movements involved in them! Be mindful of the tiny details, like your posture and breathing. Use the appropriate exercise gear for your session – understand how and why that gear is beneficial to you. If you’re using exercise machines, carefully read the directions so that you use the equipment properly. If you need help ask a professional personal trainer to guide you to get you started.
b. Stay Focused. Staying focused when exercising is essential! Whether you’re at the gym, at home, or outside, staying focused on what you’re doing in the moment is everything. If your focus is on something else, you may make one wrong move that could lead to a serious injury. It’s better to keep focused on what you’re doing not only to prevent injuries but also get the most out of your session.

4. Dress Appropriately. Think about where you’re exercising. Are you going to a gym? Are you going on a run through your neighborhood? Are you exercising at home? Make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, but also make sure its functional and optimal for your workout. If exercising outside, be mindful of the weather and use that as a gauge for what you should wear. If working out at a gym, be aware of their dress code and follow it accordingly. Bonus tip: make sure you’re wearing the correct shoes for your workout!

5. And Finally, If You Feel Tired or Sick Let Your Body Rest! If you feel tired or are sick, that is your body’s way of telling you that you need to rest. It’s okay to take a break when your body needs it. Pushing your body to the extreme when it’s already broken down will only make you feel worse. Take the time to rest as soon as you feel that you need so you don’t have to take extra time out in the long run.

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