5 Tips for an Easy Holiday Workout Plan

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5 Tips for an Easy Holiday Workout Plan

Working out around the holidays can seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Create a few opportunities and plan ahead to get some exercise into your day either around activities or with your family.

How to create a holiday workout plan with no gym

If you’re traveling, you may not be able to work your regular exercise routine into your day’s schedule. You can fit in other opportunities to burn a few extra calories throughout the day or between other activities. Here are a few examples of what to do if you have no gym and are away from home:

  • Look for parks or hiking trails nearby
  • Try your hotel exercise room
  • Use a family member’s fitness room or equipment
  • Contact a local gym and ask them if they can grant you a guest pass for the day
  • Plan an activity like a hike or walk with family members
  • Use stairs for a stair workout

The key to working out during the holidays is to remember that something is better than nothing. Working out even a little at a time during the holiday season adds up.

Plan a workout routine ahead of time

Because your day’s schedule is different than usual doesn’t mean you can’t have a workout routine that helps you take care of yourself and feel great. You can even do some exercises right in your bedroom.

Plan your workout opportunities ahead of time to stay flexible and be ready to do activities with family. You can schedule a bit of exercise between dinner and dessert, for instance. You could also involve your family and go on a walk or bike ride together.

Don’t forget to enjoy your time and your family! Remember to give yourself a break and spend some time resting and relaxing. Restoring your body with adequate rest can help you be ready to exercise the next time.

During the holidays, when you don’t have as much access to fitness equipment, bodyweight exercises are enough. Fitness equipment is not necessary.

While exercising, do full-body movements. Alternate between types of movements to exercise your whole body. This builds usable strength, flexibility, and balance, and helps you avoid things like chronic back pain.

Examples for your holiday workout plan

Here are a few ways to get moving even with a full schedule during the holidays:

After any meal, go for a walk. It can feel good to breathe fresh air and move your body between dinner and dessert. You can even play a game of touch football between meals.

Between other activities, I recommend brief exercises like going for a walk. Sometimes you’re not going to be able to get a whole workout into a day, and that’s okay! Doing something is better than nothing. Part of the key to enjoying your holidays is to not over-stress yourself.

Adding in a little bit of extra activity while something is cooking or between meals adds up and can make a difference over time.

Fuel your holiday workout

What you eat will help fuel you and affects how you feel, making healthier holiday food choices can help you feel great all through the season. Aim for holiday meals high in protein like eggs, almonds, meat and Greek yogurt. Also aim for complex carbohydrates like whole grains, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats.

During holiday meals, eat until you’re satisfied and not eat until your plate is clear. Listen to your body for cues as to whether you have eaten enough. At the first signs of being full, stop. If you have extra food leftover, take it home. If you’re not able to finish it right away, it’ll make for some great turkey-day leftovers.

Think ahead

To be mindful of exercising and eating to feel great, keep pre-prepared foods, soups, or stews handy. You can even create a specific post-holiday workout plan to help you get back into your regular routine. This can help you switch your schedule back to normal after the holiday.

Do you want help creating your personal holiday workout plan? Contact us for a free consultation.

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