10 Tips to Coming out of Hibernation

10 Tips to Get Moving for Summer

Sweaters and blankets are fun, but now it's time to get moving for summer!


  • How to get moving after a long period of hibernation.
  • Taking care of your body as you start a new routine.
  • What to put in your body to get you going.
  • How to get ready for summer!

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The Fitness Coaching Team is a group of highly educated, Nationally Certified personal trainers and nutrition coaches, who deliver motivating and enjoyable programs custom designed to get you results. We develop a “YOU-Centered,” individualized fitness and wellness plan to help you reach your personal goals. We: • Are goal-driven with a complete focus on you (not our phone or someone else in the gym) • Develop varied, customized and fun exercise programs tailored to your needs. • Educate you on the proper technique of exercises to make them safe and effective. • Create a safe space and judgement-free zone. • Motivate you in a manner that works best for your personality and give you the accountability you need. • Offer different packages that are affordable for most people. • Give you back your time by meeting in the convenience of your home or office. We work with: • Busy Professionals who lack the time to go to the gym and need someone to motivate them. • Adults over 55 who have limitations from a joint replacement, injury/illness or have trouble doing what they used to do. • Adults who have a lot of weight to lose, feel anxious about going to a gym or working out in front of others. • Post-Rehabilitation Individuals who have finished physical therapy and need the next step in getting back to “real” life post surgery or injury. • Overwhelmed Parents who feel taking the time to get to a gym and being healthy will take more valuable time away from their children.