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The Fitness Coaching Team is a group of highly educated and Nationally Certified Personal Trainers and Therapists who deliver motivational and enjoyable programs to get results. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of fitness professionals are committed to guiding the client to achieve their goals.

Lois - Fitness Coaching

Lois Manzella Marchitto

In January of 2016, Lois became the new CEO of Fitness Coaching LLC., a fitness and wellness management and coaching company that specializes facility design, management and wellness coaching for individuals, organizations, corporations, and hospitals. Lois is an exercise, health and performance specialist and holds a Dual Bachelor's Degree from Montclair University in both Health and Dance. Additionally, Lois holds multiple certifications through the national organization, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in areas including Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training.

In addition to her certifications, Lois's comprehensive knowledge in the areas of fitness management is complimented with over 15 years of experience in helping individuals improve their fitness, health, appearance and overall wellness in both the private individual training model as well as traditional facility based approaches.

Lois believes one's total health and wellness is achieved through a comprehensive balance of behavior, physical and personal modifications and an emotional, social awareness of finding and building upon personal strengths. Lois collaborates with her clients to design and implement personalized and tailored fitness plans through her belief in "meeting her clients where they are at" in order to find the correct path for optimal health and long-term success. Lois has experience in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals whether they are athletes, adolescents, de-conditioned adults, overweight youth, overwhelmed parents or just beginning or revisiting their journey to health at the senior level. Lois's specialty is in engaging her clients through a personal understanding of the challenges they face and helping them through their personal obstacles to reach their goals.

Lois enjoys spending her free time with her husband and energetic twins. She understands the challenges individuals and especially parents face in regards to health and wellness. She lives her life with the motto that "small changes over a long period of time make a difference".

Abigail - Fitness Coaching

Abigail Wentworth

As a former college and professional level athlete, Abby has been involved in sports and fitness for most of her life. After she decided to stop playing basketball, she got her ACSM personal training certification, and was able to stay closely involved in health and fitness. As a trainer, Abby has worked with kids, elite athletes, elderly, and adults. While getting results for others through working out was rewarding, she knew there had to be an even more effective way to help make people feel and move better.

Len - Fitness Coaching

Len Huffman

Len has been training clients with Fitness Coaching for the last 4 years and in the fitness industry for 8. He is a certified personal trainer through ACE and also has certifications in TRX and group exercise. Lenny's encouraging approach to full body functional fitness keeps his clients healthy and active. His workouts are high energy but approachable to all. Lenny is an avid runner. As a member of the Mountain Peak Fitness/Red Newt Racing trail running team, he competes in events throughout the east coast. His down time is spent chasing his 2 young daughters.

Phil - Fitness Coaching

Philip Masi

Currently certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer, Phil, for the majority of his life, has always been involved within the fitness and health & wellness community. Graduating with high honors, Phil also obtained an Associates degree in biology, as well as, an Associates degree in exercise science; allowing him a more in-depth perspective of the human body on a microscopic and macroscopic level.

Patrick - Fitness Coaching

Patrick Lee

Patrick is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and TRX certified fitness professional, holistic health coach, wellness entrepreneur, CPR/AED certified and certified yoga instructor. Patrick is very passionate in helping each individual achieve their fitness goals which include injury prevention/rehabilitation, muscle building, weight loss and proper nutritional guidance for healthy living and body transformation with a well-balanced style of positive encouragement. He is a firm believer that prevention is better than the "treatment". A motto to live by: "Without your vibrant physical and mental health, all the riches in the world would not matter."

Lori Ann - Fitness Coaching

Lori Ann Lusardi

Lori is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Fitness Nurse Coach. Fitness Nurse Coaches are a new field of nursing that practices nursing assessment skills and utilizes fitness training and specialty to provide weekly individual and group coaching either in person or online. Lori provides women with the sustainable solutions for weight management, wellness and maintenance through diet, exercise, supplements and stress reduction. Starting with a comprehensive nursing/medical and fitness assessment, she designs a personal plan and teaches an effective exercise plan that can be accomplished with minimal time and effort.

Regina - Fitness Coaching

Regina Rider

As a nutritional counselor, Regina has years of experience helping clients gain an understanding of how nutrition impacts overall health and wellness. Using techniques such as goal setting, positive behavioral modification and counseling, her goal is to empower people with the knowledge and resources they need to reach their objectives and lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Ray - Fitness Coaching

Raymond Onyesoh

Ray holds a masters degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. He provides exercise training and assists with education for his clients. He specializes in exercise programs for Cardiac Rehab, Bariatric, Cancer and Osteoporosis clients. His goal is to provide education regarding injury prevention training, exercise and wellness. Ray is fluent in English and American Sign Language.

Corey - Fitness Coaching

Corey Vanden Huevel

Corey has been a personal trainer for several years. She is certified through the American Sports and Fitness Association. She specializes in clients with injuries.

Katy - Fitness Coachinga

Katya Zabohonski

Katya has been a personal trainer since 2010. She has certifications in NCFS CPT, Kettle bell Level One, Trigger Points. She specializes in weight loss, building lean muscle, lower back pain, functional movement, VIPR Training. She is also fluent in sports specific training including soccer, cheerleading, fencing, and kayaking

Jennifer - Fitness Coaching

Jennifer Masiddo

Jennifer holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Montclair State University in Exercise Science. She is a certified personal trainer through the nationally recognized American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She enjoys working with men and women that are post rehabilitation because she specializes in cardiac rehabilitation. One of her favorite sayings is "Are you really living life? Or are you just paying the bills until you die?"

Seth - Fitness Coaching

Seth Elias Davis

Seth has a degree in Culinary Arts and is working towards a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Therefore he can help with creating ideas for a healthy menu and a fitness regimen Favorite past time is training himself and doing martial arts because it is where he feels at home the most. He enjoys working with men and women who love living life to their fullest potential. He specializes in resistance and calisthenics training. His favorite saying is "I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity"

Karen - Fitness Coaching

Karen Verbeke

Karen has several national certifications including CrossFit L1, Prospect Kettle Bell, CrossFit Gymnastics, USAW Olympic Lifting L1, IYCA, CrossFit Strong Man, and Kettle Bell Concepts. Her favorite hobbies are working out, mountain biking, and paddle boarding. Her favorite type of people to train are clients who want to get results, are dedicated to the process and have a positive attitude. Her favorite quote is "Be humble and hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room" Dwayne Johnson

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