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About Fitness Coaching LLC

Fitness Coaching, LLC (formerly known as FCI or Fitness Coaching, Inc) is owned by Lois Manzella-Marchitto. We service clients in Morris, Bergen, Hunterdon, Somerset and Sussex counties. We are committed to the success of our clients through In-home and In-Center Personal Training

Fitness which includes strength, cardiovascular conditioning & flexibility. Nutrition coaching personalized eating plan, behavior modifications to achieve goals and lifestyle changes for long term results. Our facilities are located in Randolph and Morristown, NJ.


Our philosophy is simple "Commit 2 Success". However, committing to be successful is challenging because of accountability. Everyone can be successful, the challenge lies in the length of time it takes to reach their goal.

We strongly believe in order to achieve optimal health and longevity, our clients need to have balanced approach to their wellness program. Our elite coaches begin with helping the client set realistic and specific goals. The process continues with combination strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility exercises, a balanced diet and proper rest.

Our approach is scientific and customized so our clients receive safe and effective training.

Our objective is not only to motivate and educate our clients to get the results they want, but also help them continue to lead lifelong healthy habits.

For long term adherence and optimal results, we believe exercise should be convenient, time efficient, effective and fun. We save our clients the time and frustration from intimidating and crowded gyms by offering private training programs in the comfort of their own homes. Each client receives a personalized exercise program based on a thorough medical questionnaire, PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) and a comprehensive fitness evaluation.